How it works & FAQ

Quick & Easy Onboarding

Just sign up and walk through the KYC steps and link your bank account.

Create your cardholders

Creating your cardholders with physical or virtual cards takes just a couple clicks!

Fund your cards

Simply check the boxes of the cards you want to fund and add the amount you desire.

Card controls

Chek will work with you to implement all parameters you want on your cards so that they are only spent how you intend!

View & Analyze Spending Data

View your accounts spending data and transaction history in real-time!

Question 1

How do I get a Chek card?

An organization can sign up for Chek and create and issue cards for their people through our platform.

Question 2

Can my card be in my preferred name, rather than my legal name?

To put it simply, yes. Your organization can put any name you desire on the cards or leave them agnostic with your organization’s name on the card.

Question 3

Where can I spend my Chek card?

The spending parameters of each Chek card is set by the admin of the account at your organization.

Question 4

My card was declined, or the merchant does not accept my card, what do I do?

There could be two possible reasons why your card was declined:

1. Not enough funds left on the card for the purchase
2. The Merchant has a merchant code or ID that is not allowed or there is another parameter restriction set by your organization.

If the card is declined at a merchant that you think should be eligible, email with the transaction details, date, time and merchant name, or submit a ticket via the Report a Problem page in the Chek mobile app for further investigation into the matter.

Question 5

What should I do if I lose my card?

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the admin of your account at your organization and email Your admin or a Chek support specialist can temporarily disable the card until it is found or issue you a new card.

Question 6

Does my card balance carry over?

It depends on the parameters your organization’s Admin sets. It can be structured for card balances to carry over or alternatively they can be remitted back to the Account Balance on a recurring cycle.

Question 7

Can I use this card when I travel?

Yes, you can use your card in any country where Mastercard is accepted. The exchange will be calculated into your home currency and the total amount will show when you look at your transactions on the Chek portal. When making purchases outside the United States additional fees may apply.

Question 8

How do I contact Customer Support?

Submit a ticket through Report a Problem in our the Chek mobile app or email us at