Why Partner With Chek

Chek operates on a "Win-Win" philosophy with our strategic partners.

Partners of Chek

We Partner with:

  • League Management & Registration Platforms
    (traditional sports & eSports)
  • Financial Literacy Educators
  • Financial Institutions
  • Consulting Firms
  • Professional Sports Leagues

"As a financial literacy advocate, I work with people everyday to get their cash management in order. What I love about Chek is that they take this same philosophy and allow organizations to address a growing concern - where exactly their money is going! No matter if your budget is $10K or $10M the Chek system will provide transparency and controls to ensure everyone is working together to achieve your goal! Beyond the service Chek offers, I think living out their mission of empowering people with financial literacy is amazing and Money Vehicle is honored to be able to partner to make this impact."

Jed Collins
Founder - Your Money Vehicle

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